Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring!

The team has been making trips to the Mill in between rain clouds and conferences. While both are wonderful things, it's changed our plans a bit. This spring is beginning to resemble last year. However after a trip down to do some weeding and planting last Friday, we were happy to see our peas are coming along nicely. The same goes for our beets, lettuce, spinach, and onions. We want to raise beets as a value adding crop. We will add cucumbers for pickling and tomatoes for marinara sauce. We want to experiment with pepper jelly and salsa. Later we will attempt our spicy carrot recipe as another crop to add to the list of value added crops. (Above we have pictured our 5 Star Greenhouse Mix, below we have our candy onions,  our Detroit Red Beets, and our Sugar Snap peas.)


On Friday, we also started flats of cilantro and basil. As an exciting addition to our market garden, this year we will be growing flowers. We are working with WV State University’s Barbara Liedl to replicate a cut flower demonstration/research project she has been conducting in and around Charleston, WV. We started our new endeavor with flats of nasturtiums, lobelias, alyssums, marigolds, and zinnias as additional items to sell with vegetables and fruits at restaurants or farmers markets.
In the coming days, we will be planting green beans and winter squash, as well as, completing the work on our high tunnel ends. We look forwarding to sharing our updates, and we'll talk to you soon!
The Small Farm Center Team

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