Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beginning of Year Two

Description of Project: A cooperative effort between Extension Service: Small Farm Center and WVU’s Jackson’s Mill to create a garden of research in both agriculture and marketing.

Our Mission: To show through research and experience that farmers on all plots of land can create viable and lucrative businesses, as well as supply themselves and their communities with local food year-round when they use proven, time-tested practices.

Program Directors: Tom McConnell, Director of Small Farm Center and Carrie See, Program Coordinator, WVU Jackson’s Mill Market Garden/ Small Farm Center
Program Goals for Year Two:

• Maximize the crops that preserve really well such as dry beans, to highlight the need for these crops (for both consumers’ needs and producers’ business) during the winter months.

• Grow more heritage crops

• Focus on locally grown grains for baked goods and other sales extensions

• Begin ‘field days’ or ‘pasture walks’ for public education and program awareness (include Extension agents and specialists).

New Features this Year:

• Research and variety trials

• Testing with different plastics

• Soil fertility

• New irrigation

• Tunnel crops

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