Monday, April 12, 2010

Day One at the Mill

Prior to day one, Kellen, Carrie, Adam, and I made a trip down to clean up the farm and tunnel... and to get things organized for the coming months. But for the first "official" day of planting our trio, Travis, Kellen, and Carrie ventured to the Mill last week. The day was productive as the team split up to complete everything that needed to be done. Travis tilled 8 rows and aisles with the Troy Built tiller; Carrie later filled those rows.

Meanwhile, Kellen transformed the shed from disarray into a neat and tidy work space for the season. She made some four AND six legged friends along the way...we're now working to identify this "little" guy.
Any hints or suggestions?

Finally, Carrie planted 4 rows of sugar snap peas, 2 rows of onions-- one of candy onions and one of yellow onions. Additionally, we planted 2 rows of Detroit red beets. The rest of the plot will be tilled in the coming weeks and the potatoes are next to be planted.
Overall, it was a gorgeous day for planting and a successful first day for the team.

Thanks for following along,

The Small Farm Center Team

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